Friday, October 30, 2009

Looong Week

It was one of those weeks when I wasn't the cranky person, but everyone else was! Yeah really, IT WASN'T ME! Halloween is almost here and you would think that would be a good thing, but around here that almost means the beginning of winter. We "fall back" with the time change this weekend, so next week that means it will be dark at 5:00 and if cocktail hour starts's not a good thing. All I can say it's a damn good thing I don't live in Alaska.

I did a LO with a pic of MIL and FIL with Bubblescrap Design's kit Worth the Fall for a challenge at DSDI. I heard about a speed scrap there and went over to check out the site. Everyone there was very welcoming, but alas, there are not enough hours in the day to be loyal to two scrap sites. MLAS is my firs love. I might visit there again though.

Mye -Bubblescrap Designs- is really into her designing and she is coming up with some great stuff. I made some QP's with her kits and I should have some freebies to post for the next few days.

Her kits are available at
My Life and Scrap - Ivy Scraps - Digiscraps3

Here's one from her kit Twisted Halloween. You can download it here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bubblescrap Designs Twisted Halloween for $.99 at MLAS

Bubblescrap Design's has a great kit called Twisted Halloween on sale for $.99 at MLAS just in time for all those cute Halloween LO's. Pick it up quick, because it's only on sale till October 31!

While you're at MLAS check out her other kits. I blogged about these other kits Worth the Fall and Citrus Medley and I posted some LO's with these two kits in earlier posts. Now I have a Freebie Quick Page for you.
Pick it up here.
I have a few more to upload so check back in a couple of days.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twisted Halloween from Bubblescrap Designs and a Freebie from MLAS

It was another lazy weekend for me. I did a little scrapping and a little housework, and that's about it. It rained all day Saturday, so that was my excuse to sit around in the house all day. It was BEAUTIFUL on Sunday, so that was my excuse to sit out on the front porch all day. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am the queen of excuses.

I was getting DANGEROUSLY low on pictures to scrap, so I harrassed my daughter and a couple of my friends for some pics and now I'm all set for a while.

I used my grandkids for the MLAS font and scrapmix challenge. I did them both in one LO because this is the last week for the challenges there and I am running out of time.

I used a picture of my friends beautiful daughter Kylah for the speed scrap. This little girl is one of a set of miracle twins that were born 3 months premature (3 months ago) and are thriving and doing very well. I thank God for that every day. I plan on using these precious models again soon.

The next speed scrap at MLAS is next Sunday at 1 PM (EST).

Have you seen the new kit from Bubblescrap Designs? It is called Twisted Halloween and it is available at Ivy Scraps and Digiscraps3 (and soon to be available at MLAS)

Here's a couple of LO's I did with her new kits using some pics from my friend Kevin's visit to the Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack-O-Lantern display.

And now here's a freebie for you from MLAS. It's made the the October Mega Sweet Halloween. You can download it here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TGIF and a Freebie

So it was a busy week here with work and meetings and tonight we had parent/teacher conferences. I love the fact that the parents are concerned with their kid's school work, but all the talking is exhausting and lately it makes me feel so old. When did it happen that I became the parent to the parents????

Tomorrow there is a speed scrap at MLAS that actually coincides with cocktail hour. This should be interesting.

And here's another freebie for you from the awesome October Megas from My Life and Scrap.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Halloween QP Freebie

Win a Mega Kit From MLAS
Personally not much happening. I've been feeling my age lately kinda mopey and tired. It seems like PMS has taken over my life. All I want to do is sit around and watch tv and fool around on the computer.
But there are a lot of things happening a MLAS. On Sunday I blogged about Pretty Pixels 40% off sale.
This week I learned that they have added the Artisan Notebook to the store. And to celebrate the partnership all issues are on sale for 40% off. I definitely want to check this out.

Check out this cute quick page from the MLAS October Mega kit. There are two Megas this month one is sweet and one is scarey.
Click here to go to free download.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It Was a Lazy Weekend and Now it's Back to Work

You still have a chance to win a Mega Kit from MLAS. Check my October 3 post.

The weather was horrible so I used that as an excuse to sit around all weekend and watch tv and do some scrapping.

I made a couple of LO's with Bubblescrap Design's (Mye) new kit Worth the Fall. You can get her kits at Ivy Scraps and at Digiscraps3. She is just starting with the designing, but so far, I like what I see.

The new challenges are under way at MLAS and I did the template challenge, but I'm going to work on the font challenge later today. All the challenges are great and you can get free stuff just for playing along.

Pretty Pixels is having a great sale over at MLAS. Her kits are adorable and they are all 40% off. I made this LO for the last emplate challenge at MLAS using her kit Cutie Patootie.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Crappy Scrappy Saturday

You still have a chance to win a Mega Kit from MLAS. Check my October 3 post.

The new challenges are under way at MLAS and you can earn points toward free merchandise.

And since it's going to be a "crappy" weather weekend in New England, I think I will spend my time watching tv and doing some digi-scrapping. I have a couple of great new kits from Bubblescrap Designs, and I'm going to use them for the challenges.

I have started on the creative team for Mye at Bubblescrap Designs. Here are some LO's I did using her kit Citrus Medley. You can get this kit at Ivy Scraps.

Now for a freebie...

You can get this QP free by clicking HERE.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Busy Week and Some Freebies

So it was a busy week and I didn't exercise at all.
Monday-holiday (no exercising on holidays)
Tuesday-zoning board hearing (long story)
Wednesday-haircut and dinner out
Thursday-nails done and dinner out
So, you can't cook dinner after getting your haircut or your nails done and you can't exercise after a dinner out. SO this week did not lend itself to exercising. (And it's not MY fault!) So maybe next week then? Oh, I know it's only Thursday, but I never exercise on Friday (I go out with my friends after work) and I usually like to relax on the weekends. So again I say, Maybe next week.

I have accepted an offer from Mye of Bubblescrap Designs to be on her creative team. She has just ventured into the world of designing and I already like what I see. I did several LO's with her kits already and posted them in the gallery at MLAS. Her kits will be for sale at Ivy Scraps. She has a couple more stores in the works, but she will announce them later.

Speaking of MLAS; tomorrow starts a new set of challenges for the month. You should definitely stop by to check them out.

Here's a QP freebie for you from the Lazy Days of Summer Mega kit at MLAS, I have this kit and it is jam packed with awesome paper and elements. Here's the link to the store.

AND here's a link to a freebie kit from Tempus Fugit called Old Treasures. It is really beautiful.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day

So it's a holiday here and there's no school (sometimes I love my job). We have a weekend Autumnfest celebration here in Woonsocket and usually it's a lot of fun. BUT, maybe I'm feeling my age, because this year, I'm just not into it. I usually spend this morning at a parade, but today I decided to stay home and watch the parade on tv (how sad is that?) I'm already sick of the cold weather. It's only 47 degrees right now and that's too cold to be sitting outside waiting for the marching bands to come by.

Instead, I will sit on my couch and watch the parade on tv and digiscrap at the same time. Maybe I have an addiction?

There's a speed scrap today at MLAS at 2:30 EST. The posting prize it adorable.

There is lots going on over at MLAS. Tempus Fugit is having a grand opening sale and she has a freebie. You should go over and check it all out.
Also, since today is the 12th, that means there are only a few days left to get in on the October challenges for the first half of the month.
I would love to give away a free Mega Collab kit, so check out my Oct. 3rd blog entry and give it a try.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Falling off the Wagon and a QP Freebie

So did you hear that sound? That was me falling off the wagon. My dear husband had a bad day at work (he teaches middle school in an urban district) so we went out for a couple of drinks after work. So I managed to make it to 4 days of no alcohol and 4 days of waling on my treadmill. BUT, tomorrow I have to start the count again!

There are so many things happening at MLAS and I'm having so much fun getting in the middle of it all. The October challenges are all under way. And the new mega kit is almost ready and there are a whole lot of sales going on. I made my first QP's and figured out how to load them to 4share, and I think that I'm so smaaht that I figured that out. (I'm from RI)
So here they are. I would love it if like maybe 3 people actually downloaded them.
Download here

Download here

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three Days in a Row!

Yes that's right, I have walked on my treadmill 3 days in a row. I need the exercise, but I always have an excuse. Too tired, too hungry, too many other things to do, my computer is calling get the idea. Well I have a doctor's appointment in November and although I consider myself in decent shape, at last check my weight was up and so was my have to get my butt off the couch and be a little more active.
I also have to try to give up the nightly cocktail. My excuse for having it relaxes me, my job is stressful, I just like it. But I'm sure the alcohol is not helping with the weight or cholesterol or the motivation to exercise.
Soooo, it's been 3 days of exercising and not drinking. I felt like if I posted it here, I would be more motivated to continue. You are my support group.

Anyway...about My Life and Scrap

October challenges are in full swing and there a lots of good deals in the shop. Monday I blogged about JennCK and 3 Dog Designs Sales.
Today I'll tell you about Connie Prince and Scrap Berry Designs. These are great designers with sales you should definitely check out.

Here are a couple of LO's that I did using RebeccaPSP's Tulippng and Falling For You. Both kits are awesome and available at MLAS.

Stop back later in the week and these two pages will be available as free quick pages!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It Feels Like Fall

School is in full swing, the leaves are starting to change and there's a chill in the air. I do love this time of year, because the air is so fresh and all the leaves are turning to beautiful deep rich colors. This past weekend we celebrated my parent's 50th anniversary and I scrapped some pages using RebeccaPSP's Tulipping. It has beautiful fall colors.

I used some of these LO's for the challenges at MLAS. If you participate in the challenges, you can get points towards free stuff and many of the challenges have a prize just for playing.
Speaking of MLAS, there are several sales going in right now. There are some new designers and they are having grand opening sales. JennCK Designs and 3 Dog Designs are 30% off.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do You Want to Win a Free Mega Collab From MLAS?

All you have to do is submit a LO for the Scrap Mix Challenge at MLAS. Complete the LO and post it in the gallery and the Scrap Mix thread. Leave me a comment here letting me know that you did. You will be entered into a drawing for a free Mega Collab kit from MLAS. The contest will last all month and a I will draw a winner each Saturday. If you enter soon, you could be in all 4 drawings! The mega's are all great and there are 9 to choose from. Here's the September collab preview.