Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

It's New Year's Eve and I'm relaxing. All the kids are gone and most of the messes are cleaned up. So it's time for me to start scrapping the Christmas pictures. I have sooo many and I can't wait to get at it.
I did this one for the
template challenge at MLAS and I used the Christmas blogtrain freebie. This was picture was taken on Day 1 of our holiday week. Katie and her family arrived on 12/21 and I was excitement to see them. As soon as they got here they wanted to go out and play in the snow, so I went out with them and we ran around and had some fun.

And since it's New Year's Eve, I had to get my new desktop done, so I did this LO for the desktop challenge. For this LO I used Dream Big Design's Polar Play. I love these pictures of the kids and I'm sure I will use them again in other LO's.

It was a great Christmas and I plan to document each one of the days with a LO. There are enough challenges at MLAS to keep me motivated and starting tomorrow there will be a whole new set that I can't wait to try.
And here's a great quickpage from MLAS that you can get here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Quit

I have had enough of the holidays and I am quitting early. I am skipping the whole New Years Eve and Day thing. I am tired and I've had enough. My Christmas celebrations started on December 21 when Katie and her family arrived and ended today when Krista left. It was magical and exhausting! We laughed and cried, hugged and kissed, played and worked, cooked and cleaned....we were loud and happy and together and it was crazy and now it is time to rest. I took about 600 pictures and maybe 50 are good enough to scrap, but the rest will tell the whole story of Christmas 2009. I am just happy that everyone had a good time and we all got along.... Actually we stole our Christmas theme from Brandi, who quoted Sponge Bob, who said "Don't b a jerk, it's Christmas". At times we needed this focus.

I did a couple of random LO's while waiting for everyone to arrive before Christmas. They are both of my nieces Emily and Meredith. One is from the Halloween (I used the October Mega Kit from MLAS) and the other is from summer of 2004 (I used First Dip of Summer by Samceline) .

And now I'm off to organize and scrap some of my Christmas pictures, clean my house and watch some tv...all while staying in my pj's.

Here's a freebie for you from MLAS. You should definitely stop by the shop to check out the new designers and sales. I hear there are some Thrifty Thursday Sales and lots of freebies and some really beautiful Christmas kits.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm too excited to sleep!

Today Katie and her family will arrive from North Carolina. I am so excited! Yesterday I got all the presents wrapped and hidden and found all the air mattresses and extra blankets and pillows. I made a menu for the next week and bought most of the food I'll need. I tried to remove some of the things that Jack might get into, but I'm sure I missed a few.
I have my camera battery all charged up, and now I'm just going to sit and wait! I will take hundreds of pictures. Close to 18" of snow fell yesterday and I'm sure the kids will want to spend some time jumping around in it!
I can't wait!!!!!
There are a ton of sales going on at MLAS. You should definitely check them out! I am loading up on Christmas kits and when the next two weeks are over, then I will scrap, scrap, scrap!
I don't have any LO's to share because the last week has been kind of busy and I'm having a hard time focusing on scrapping....But I do have a freebie for you from MLAS.

Monday, December 14, 2009

One More Week!

I am very excited about Christmas and the weeks surrounding it. I have two weeks off from school and my kids are all coming home to visit. That's the good news. The bad news is, that it always gets hectic and as hard as I try to make sure it all goes smoothly, somehow, someway, somebody is not going to be happy. That is my love/hate relationship with holidays. (and people in general). I'm good one on one, but crowds and parties are not my strong point. But this year I am trying to be positive and I really am looking foward to the ensuing chaos!
I have been busy shopping and otherwise preparing for the holidays, but I did manage to scrap a few pages this weekend. This one is of my daughter Kerin and her husband during their trip to Disney at Thanksgiving. I used a kit from a new designer at MLAS. BrittBree is her name and the kit is called Breath of Spring.

This LO is from the same kit. It's my sister's grandaughter Ava. I made this one for the speed scrap at MLAS. Speed scrap chats are a lot of fun and there's another one on December 18th at 8:00 pm.

And here's a LO of Julianna and Alexis at their chorus concert. I used Rucola's kit called Miss Metal.

Here's a freebie quickpage from MLAS. You can get it here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bubble Scrap Design Grab Bag

My sister Missy sent me some of her picture CD's so I should have plenty to work with for a while. I needed to scrap a few pages with Bubblescrap Designs newest kit Cheerful Holidays and I found a couple of really cute pictures of Willa to work with. Bubblescrap Designs has the kit as part of a grab bag on sale starting tomorrow at MLAS. If you want to see what else is in the grab bag then head over to Mye's blog and check it out. These two pictures are from Christmas in 2003.

For this LO I also used some word art from a new designer at MLAS. Her designer name is @Jacquies. She has a bunch of really great word art in her kits.

Here's a freebie for you by @Jacquie from the MLAS shop. You can download it here.

Scrapping Slump

I guess I've been in a scrapping slump. Last week I had a bad cold and it wiped me out. There were a million things going on a work and it took all my energy to make it through the day. I came home every day and crashed.
I did make a few LO's this weekend. I have one of Krista and Joe that I made with Rucola Design's kit called Hard Feelings.

And this on is of Kerin and Luke's Thankgiving trip to Disney with Luke's family. I used Dream Big Designs Dreamin' of Vacation and a template by Kate Designs.
Here's a freebie from the MLAS shop. It was made with the November Collab Kit called Quiet Nature. You can get it here.

I think I'll be back tomorrow...