Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Life In Scrap Weekly Journaling Assignment

This week's My Life In Scrap theme was "write about your job" so here is my LO for that challenge. I used a kit from RebeccaPSP called Decadance. I love kits with black and red and this one has a lot of great elements to work with. I worked on this LO for a couple of hours this morning and now that I'm finally posting it here, I found a typo....gggrrrrr! I hate that.

This LO I did for the Saturday afternoon speed scrap at MLAS. I'm so glad I took a lot of pictures at Christmas. I made a bunch of pages already, and I still have some to scrap. I used another kit by RebeccaPSP for this one. It's called Love is Funky.

I feel like crap this weekend. PMS at my age is not a good thing. I wish I could just be done with it already. I'll be 50 in a few months and I have had enough cramps to last me a lifetime. Maybe if I got off my butt and did somthing I would feel better....and then again maybe I'll just go and take a nap!

There are some Halloween Quick Pages from the freebie section at MLAS. Here is one you can get today.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Speed Scraps at My Life and Scrap

There have been weekly speed scraps going on at MLAS. Every Friday night at 9(EST) and Saturday afternoon at 2(EST). Last night I did this LO of my niece Elizabeth and granddaughter Cadence making cookies at Christmas. I used a kit from Rucola Designs called Miss Metal. There's another speed scrap today at 2 so I think I'll have another LO to post later in the day.

If you stop by the shop at MLAS you can pick up some quick page freebies or maybe even the template for this weeks P52 photo challenge.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is It Thursday already?

It's been a crazy busy week. I had a meeting after school on Monday and I came home to find out that a squirrel had come down the chimney and made itself at home in our house. It ate some chocolates and left a trail of wrappers and sooty little footprints all over the kitchen and dining room. Jerry thought he had it re-trapped in the fireplace, but on Tuesday (after another long day) it had gotten through again and made more messes. So we went out to dinner and left the back door open in hopes that it would let itself out. Oh noo...apparently our squirrel goes to bed early or is afraid of the dark and it did not make its exit so easily. So the next day Jerry stayed home from work and tried the leave-the-back-door-open-trick again during the day, BUT, that still didn't work, so he finally borrowed a trap from our neighbor and filled it with yummy snacks....and that did the trick! The stupid squirrel risked his life for a Fig Newton! So we caught the little critter and then let him out in the back yard.
Part of me thought he might just try to get back in the house today for some more candy or cookies, but I hope he stays away. Maybe his time in the cage was enought to scare him for a while.

It's the end of the semester and exam week and we had a lot of cleaning to do in the book room, so for the past two days I've been packing and unpacking and hauling books out of a dusty nasty closet. It was good to get the job done, but I'm wiped out. I've been coming home exhausted and I haven't gotten much scapping done, but I did finish a couple of LO's that I had started over the weekend.
The first two pages are for week 4 of Project52 at My Life and Scrap. The theme was to write about your hometown, so Jerry and I took a walk around Woonsocket on Saturday and took a bunch of pictures. It was a nice day and we had fun taking a walk and taking the pictures. I used a template that I got from Michelle's blog Scrappy Town and the paper and elements are from Bubblescrap Designs A Brand New Outfit.

This LO is from week 3 of the challenge. I was supposed to show my typical day. I used the kit Love Checker by Rucola Designs. I really love the colors in this kit.

So now I have to go work on my other P52 LO for this week which is supposed to be themed comfy. REALLY? How many pictures of me in my pajamas will I scrap this year? I find it a bit ironic that I actually bought myself two new pair of pajamas so I wouldn't look like a total idiot in all the Christmas pictures (and if you know me, you'll know that I had been wearing the same ripped-up plaid LL Bean pajamas for the past 10 years), but this is getting a little silly. I think I've had Jerry take my picture in my pajamas about 10 times in the past few weeks! I guess I'll try to think of something else that's comfy. Maybe my focus is too narrow.

It's Thrify Thursday at My Life and Scrap and there are a lot of sales going on so you should go and check that out. Here's a freebie for you just for stopping by.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Day

I have tons of things I could do, lots of things I should do, but nothing I really have to do, so I think I'll do what I want to do!

I have a bunch of LO's to finish and maybe I'll blog again later this afternoon, but for now let me just tell you that the kit I used for my last two LO's "Love Checker" by Rucola Designs is on sale for 50% off at My Life and Scrap.

And here's a new freebie for you from the MLAS shop.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project 52 - Photos - Week 3

Here are my LO's for this weeks P52 photo challenge at My Life and Scrap. The theme was family, so I took a bunch of pictures of Jerry and made a couple of pages. He was so cute and he posed whenever I asked him to. I used a new kit called Love Checker from Rucola Designs and you can get it at MLAS really soon. You should check out her shop, because she has a lot of great kits.

Don't forget about the speed scraps on Friday night at 9PM (EST) and Saturday afternoon at 2PM (EST). I promise it will be a lot of fun and there are great posting prizes too.

And... Here's a freebie for you from My Life and Scrap.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday Holidays are Awesome

It's Sunday night, but who cares, because tomorrow is a holiday. No school for me! I have a ton or correcting to do and an exam to make, but I can do all of that in my yippeeee!
Here's a LO I made of my favorite Christmas present ever. I got this snow globe from Julianna and it is awsome. I used a kit called My Kinda Christmas by Dream Big Designs.

These two LO's are done with pictures of my neice Emily. I used the My Life and Scrap January Mega Collab Kit called Refreshing New Year. These LO's will both be available as freebie QP's sometime soon, so check back here again.

Here's a freebie for you from My Life and Scrap. It's made with the December Mega Collab Kit called Crazy Christmas.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time is Flying By

There's a new template available at My Life and Scrap for the February desktop challenge. My 30th wedding anniversary is on Feb 2nd, so I made my LO with a our wedding picture, one from 1995 and one from now. Damn, the years went by so fast.

Speaking of time going by too fast. This is Julianna's 4th grade picture. She'll be 10 this year and that is too much for me to handle! She'll turn 10 and then I'll turn 50 and then Kerin will turn 30! All I can say is OMG!

Last night there was a speed scrap at MLAS and I did this LO with a kit from Bubblescrap Designs called A Brand New Outfit. There are now weekly speed scraps on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, so mark you calendar and come and join the fun.

The week two Project52 photo topic was "food". So I did these two LO's of some food I had this week.

And here's a feebie for you from My Life and Scrap.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Long Week Deserves a Long Weekend

It was a long week and people in public education are starting to get cranky. I'm trying to ignore it all and just do my job without worrying about what is coming along down the road. There's not much I can do about it anyway, so why let it get to me.
So far I'm doing pretty well with my resolutions. No vodka since New Year's Eve and exercising and reading more than ever. My energy level and mood are better and that is probably is why I'm not letting the stress at work get to me.
Here are a couple of LO's I finished this week. I made them both with one of the new January Mega Kits from MLAS. This one is called A Long Winters Night. These LO's will both be available as quick pages soon, so keep checking back here.

Here's a great freebie for you from one of the MLAS designers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy Week

It's starting to seem like this week is going by way too fast and that never happens to me. But today was a busy day and tomorrow is looking the same. After school meetings and working late is not why I became I teacher. BUT, I have been managing to squeeze in a few LO's in between meetings, working, and exercising.
And so far I've been doing pretty well on my new year's resolutions. I've had a couple of glasses of wine in the past few days, but I haven't had any hard alcohol and I've been exercising most days and reading for a while at night before bed. So far, so good.
For this first LO I multi-tasked and did two challenges at once. It's for the template and lyrics challenges at MLAS. It took me a while, because I had to search through a years worth of pictures to come up with one for each month. I like the idea that it shows a quick year-in-review.

This next LO is for the journaling part of Project52 at MLAS. It was hard to think of my "most" embarrassing moment, and this LO only shows pictures of one particular night of fun. But it basically explains how most of my embarrassing moments come about. I used the lyrics from Blake Shelton's song If I have One Drink and I think the song says it all.

I have a few more LO's to finish with the MLAS new Mega Kits that are being released on January 15th, so check back in a couple of days. Meanwhile, Here's a freebie for you from the MLAS December Mega Kit Elegant Christmas.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Speed Scrapping in My Pajamas

So far, so good with the New Year's resolutions. I exercised 4 days, drank a lot less and went to bed early to read almost every night. I had a glass of wine one night and a beer one night earlier in the week and last night we went out after school and I had a few beers. BUT... I completely avoided the vodka, and I think if I can stay away from that, I will be fine.

I don't have any new LO's to share yet, but there is a speed scrap today at MLAS and I plan on being there. I'm still in my pajamas and it's so cold out that I think I may stay in all day, so why bother even getting dressed, right? I will come back later post my speed scrap LO.
Here's my speed scrap LO. Now I'm going to walk on the treadmill! (maybe in my pajamas? I might as well...they already need to go into the wash!)

For now, here's a freebie for you from MLAS.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Everybody over at My Life and Scrap is making great new year's resolutions to get in shape in 2010. If you are looking for scrapping buddies and some motivation to get in shape and live healthy in 2010 you should definitely go over to MLAS and check out all the new challenges. I have a few simple resolutions of my own, but I'm back to work and it's only Wednesday and I'm soooo tired. Mostly I want get in shape, and in order to do that, I have to exercise more and eat and drink less. And, I want to read more, so I have decided to get into bed an hour earlier each night and turn off the tv and computer and read till I fall asleep. Sounds simple right? I'll let you know.

I'm still working on my Christmas picture LO's, but these three I kind of cheated on. Before Christmas I made a few quickpages for some of the designers at MLAS new releases. This first LO is from a page I made for Rucola Designs from her Hard Feelings kit and I added some word art by @jacquies.

These two LO's come from quickpages I made with Samceline's A Taste of Christmas.
I still haven't put away all of my Christmas decorations and I'm just ignoring them hoping they will put themselves away. Maybe I'll be in the mood to do that over the weekend. Or.....maybe not, because I hear there are 2 speed scraps this weekend at MLAS. One on Friday night at 9 (EST) and one Saturday afternoon at 2 (EST). I love the speed scraps and the chats are alway a lot of fun. Maybe I'll squeeze some cleaning in between scrapping.

Here's a freebie for you from Samceline Designs at MLAS.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 52 - Photos & Journaling

My Life and Scrap started some new challenges for 2010. The first on I did, I had to create a LO using a template with pictures of something "new". Since I got a new camera and I bought everyone in the family new pajamas, I decided to make a couple of pages of our family-pajama-night-photo-shoot. I used the December Mega kit from MLAS called Crazy Christmas.

This next LO is for the other Project 52 Challenge, called My Life IN Scrap. The goal was to create a LO that told about the lessons I learned in 2009. I rarely scrap pictures of myself, so I decided to go a little outside of my comfort zone and use a picture of myself taken at Christmas. One of my scrapping goals for 2010 is to do more journaling on my pages, so I like the idea of this weekly challenge. For this LO I used a new kit from Bubblescrap Designs called A Brand New Outfit. She will have it free on her blog starting tomorrow. So be sure to check it out.

This last LO I did for a speed scrap at MLAS on Saturday. The server kept crashing and the chatting was difficult, but the speed scrap was still fun and I like the way this LO turned out. It was from "Cookie Day" and I used a kit from RebeccaPSP called Rainbow Cake. I hear that the girls at MLAS are planning weekly Friday night and Saturday afternoon speed scraps.

Here's a freebie from MLAS. It's made with the MLAS Mega Kit Crazy Christmas, the same kit I used for my first Project 52 LO's. I just love the little reindeer. You can download it here from the MLAS shop, and while your there, you should check out all the other great stuff.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Scrapping Christmas Memories

The second day the kids were here they helped me decorate the tree. I just let them do it any way they wanted and just watched them have fun with it. Even Jack tried hard to get some ornaments to stay on the tree, but mostly he just stuffed them in between the branches.
For this LO I used Rucola Design's Golden Holiday.

This is not your typical family portrait, but I love it anyway. Last April Jerry, Katie, Krista and I all got the same tattoo while we were all in North Carolina. Kerin wasn't there, but we sent her a picture and she got hers done in RI. This was the first time we were all together to check them out and to see how much bigger Kerin's tatto is compared to her sister's. For this LO I used the December Mega Colab from MLAS.

Here's a freebie quickpage for you from the same kit at MLAS. You can get it here.

Tomorrow's LO's will be of family portraits of everyone wearing pajamas. They will be my first LO's for some new challenges at MLAS called Project 52. These challenges will run each week of the year. One challenge will focus on journaling and the other will focus on a template and a photo theme. Of you need some motivation and focus for your scrapping in 2010 you should definitely check them out.