Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day

So it's a holiday here and there's no school (sometimes I love my job). We have a weekend Autumnfest celebration here in Woonsocket and usually it's a lot of fun. BUT, maybe I'm feeling my age, because this year, I'm just not into it. I usually spend this morning at a parade, but today I decided to stay home and watch the parade on tv (how sad is that?) I'm already sick of the cold weather. It's only 47 degrees right now and that's too cold to be sitting outside waiting for the marching bands to come by.

Instead, I will sit on my couch and watch the parade on tv and digiscrap at the same time. Maybe I have an addiction?

There's a speed scrap today at MLAS at 2:30 EST. The posting prize it adorable.

There is lots going on over at MLAS. Tempus Fugit is having a grand opening sale and she has a freebie. You should go over and check it all out.
Also, since today is the 12th, that means there are only a few days left to get in on the October challenges for the first half of the month.
I would love to give away a free Mega Collab kit, so check out my Oct. 3rd blog entry and give it a try.


  1. You blogdesign is very beautiful, great halloween theme. At MLAS I never was before, but thanks for the tip.


  2. Enjoy the day off!

    I'll trade you our 30 degrees and snow for your 47 degrees! :)

  3. I too showed my age or dislike of the cold this week-end. It was time for an annual craft fair that my friend and I go to every year. Well until this year, it was snowing - No thank you- stayed home.

  4. And, I am very rained all day...around 70's normally cooler this time of year!