Monday, September 21, 2009

MLAS is Back and Better than Ever.

We are Bigger & Better than ever!
50% off Storewide Sale begins Wednesday
two days in advance of the help you get ready!
Stack the Deck layout challenge runs
You could win a Mega Collab!
Speed Scrap 7pm EST
SaturdaySpeed Scrap at 10am EST
Bingo at 2pm CST
Win a Mega Collab or Two
(depends how many rounds we can get in)
Speed Scrap at 10pm EST
Speed Scrap at 3pm CST
There are posting prizes available
Random RAKs,
and challenge points can be earned
for some of the events to be
used toward purchases at the shop!
Come on over to
My Life and Scrap
and join in the fun!

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