Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reflecting on Aging

Last night I watched the movie UP on blu-ray. It was a great movie experience all around. And, although it was a cartoon, it definitely wasn't just for kids. There were several scenes that brought tears to my eyes but over all the movie made me smile. Basically the theme was that as we go through life it may seem as though we are always striving for our dream goal, or waiting for the day when we can have what we want, but the truth is, that the real adventures in our lives are the things that happen every day. I think as scrappers we all know this and that is the reason why we feel the need to scrap and document our day to day lives.
In my case there were times when I was too busy or overwhelmed with day to day life to be very reflective at the time that the memories were occurring. Sure, I enjoyed and cherished very many happy times with my family, but sometimes I think I missed a lot by being too busy or preoccupied with details. It may be that as I grow older I become more reflective on my past experiences, and that is why I have truly enjoyed scrapping the past 3o years of my life. I spent time arranging the pictures on the page and thinking about the day they were taken. It has been a great way to relive the memories and adventures.
I find it so refreshing that the young people I have met through scrapping enjoy their day to day adventures with their families. I love reading their blogs and seeing pictures of their fun times.
My daughters are great at getting the most out of every day. We were not together as a family for Thanksgiving, but I know they each enjoyed the day in their own way. Kerin went to Disney with her husband and in-laws, Katie spent the day playing in her yard with her husband and kids and then made cookies and had pizza for dinner, and Krista (who is only 23) had over 20 of her friends in LA over to her house for a full-blown Thankgiving dinner.
This was not a traditional Thanksgiving day for our family, but plenty of pictures were taken (and sent to mom for scrapping) and many memories were made.
I personally spent the weekend relaxing and planning for Christmas. My girls (and their families) will all be home for the whole week and I plan to enjoy every minute of the time we all have together.
I didn't do any LO's in the past couple of days. I made a few QP's for Creative Chaos and Rucola Design's, but you'll have to wait till they post them and I get pictures to add to them before you get to see them.

I do have a freebie for you and it's from the October Mega Colab from MLAS called Sweet Halloween. I hope you still have some Halloween pics to scrap.

Now I'm off to stalk the Facebook pages of my family to find some pictures to scrap. I'm sure there are some good ones...they all promised me there would be!


  1. Awesome freebie Michelle! and I also loved Up! I teared up in the opening sequence!

  2. I come you about DST visit:-)
    You have a very nice Blog here! Many greetings, Jana

  3. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 29 Nov [LA 02:00pm, NY 05:00pm, UK 10:00pm] - 30 Nov [OZ 09:00am]).

  4. Thanks for sharing that ! You are going to be rushed off your feet at Christmas, but it's going to be great having them all home !

    Love the quickpage, thanks for sharing.

  5. Im so happy your in the house has been in the xmas spirit since halloween haha..can't wait to see you all =)