Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Head is Spinning

My head is is crazy. It's not the kids so much as all the other BS. Every day there is a new initiative, a meeting, or someone who wants to change something. I just want to go in and teach....but all this nonsense keeps taking me away from my classroom and interrupting the flow of teaching and it's making me cranky. (well maybe just crankier than usual)
I am getting really tired of all of it!
I come home and try to lose myself in my scrapping and I have a bunch of new LO's, but I can only post this one for now. In a few days I will have some some LO's with new kits from Rucola Designs and Bubblescrap Designs. They are both due to be released on the 15th, so I will post my LO's then. They both have such great kits and I have a lot of fun working with them.
For now here's one LO I did for the color inspiration challenge at MLAS. The challenge was to use only the colors black, white and yellow. This LO is bright and colorful, but I will never forget how scared Jerry looked when he came down from his parasail! This is a new kit from Bubblescrap Designs and Dogs Day Designs called Yellow Inspiration.

So check back in a few days for a few more LO's.

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  1. Man, every time I hear more about new educational initiatives on the radio, I just shake my head. I don't know how you put up with all that shenanigans. The kids really deserve better. I just don't understand why it has to be so durn hard.

    I love your layout! Your husband sounds very brave to me... that would be really, Really far out of my comfort zone. ;)